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Add timeless charm and privacy to your Columbia South Carolina property with our beautiful wood fences.

Discover the versatility and appeal of wood fencing for your Columbia South Carolina property. Whether you're looking for a traditional or modern aesthetic, the natural material of wood offers endless possibilities to reflect your style. With customizable options, you can bring your unique design ideas to life, perfectly tailored to every section of your yard or business space.

At The Fence Company Columbia, we specialize in quality installation and premium wood fence products, ensuring a remarkable investment that you'll love for years to come. Our expert craftsmen utilize high-quality materials to create fences that not only enhance the privacy and security of your space but also add a touch of warmth and elegance. With the ability to customize designs, wood fences are perfect for reflecting your style and complementing any home or business in the Columbia South Carolina area.

wood fencing in Columbia South Carolina

Columbia South CarolinaKey Benefits of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing has many benefits to enhance your Columbia South Carolina property.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Columbia South Carolina - Beauty

Due to its natural makeup, nothing can be compared to real wood fencing for that natural look. When left to its natural color or stained lighter or darker, wood fencing holds the perfect wood accent to every South Carolina property. Even with solid colored paints, wood fencing still holds its natural look with the grain or lines you can see and the appearance of softness from the wood material.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Columbia South Carolina - Privacy

Wood fencing is a perfect choice when installing a fence for privacy for your home or business. There are a number of styles that create privacy in creative ways. From standard stockade fences to shadowbox styles that stagger pickets on alternate sides, wood fencing is a popular choice for privacy fencing.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Columbia South Carolina - Value

Wood fencing provides a great value to your home or business in offering protection, beauty and long lasting style. Adding a wood fence can increase your property value and can blend well in nearly any kind of surroundings. As the years go by, wood fences' natural material can get better with age as the wood matures and settles beautifully into its environment. Always be sure to keep your wood fence sealed for the longest lasting value possible.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Columbia South Carolina - Versatile

With the versatility of wood fencing in South Carolina, you can choose whatever level of decorative or ornate features you wish! From choosing top styles that are shaped in various ways, to choosing the width and style of your pickets, wood fencing can be the perfect finishing touch to the look of your property. To add another level of decoration, you can attach pots and shelving for plants or other decorations and even paint your fence in a unique way.

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Columbia South CarolinaWood Fence Options

Wood fencing comes in many styles, including our most popular ones below.

Wood Board on Board Style Fence - Columbia South Carolina

Wood Fence
Board on Board

The durable construction of board on board creates a solid look that is strong and fully private.

Wood Stockade Style Fence - Columbia South Carolina

Wood Fence

One of the most traditional privacy fencing, stockade is a straightforward design sure to be seen all around area neighborhoods.

Wood Shadowbox Style Fence - Columbia South Carolina

Wood Fence

A favorite feature of shadowbox is the way the design creates the same attractive look on either side of the fence.

Wood Picket Fence - Columbia South Carolina

Wood Fence

What can be more traditional than a wooden picket fence? Perfect for your front yard or any other space you like.

Wood Split Rail Fence - Columbia South Carolina

Wood Fence
Split Rail

A great way to enclose large spaces or mark the border of others, split rail wood fences are economical and create clean boundary lines.

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Wood Fence FAQs

Get "The whole nine yards" on wood fencing.

wood fence faqs

Wood fences are popular options at properties all across South Carolina. They provide a natural look, are strong, can create privacy and will enhance the look of your space. Wood fences are also one of the more economical options, and do need some maintenance to keep them looking new and staying strong for many years.

Amish Pickets

The Fence Company Columbia faqs

Unlike some of our competitors, the wood we use for all of our fences are high quality Amish-made and true 6" picket widths. Other wood fences may say they're the same, but the quality of ours is a cut above the rest, so you know exactly what you're getting!

Check out the details on our wood fences page for information about the styles we have available for Columbia South Carolina, or give our friendly fence experts a call to discuss your wood fencing questions and needs and compare our options.

To answer this question, you need to know the rules for your specific property's municipality. Every town and region has different rules about permitting and regulations for installing a fence. We can help! Call our office and speak to one of our fence professionals. They can help you find out exactly what's needed and what we know about turn around times in the South Carolina area you live in.

Wood fences are known to be one of the most economical types of fencing for Columbia South Carolina. The price of your fence depends on factors like the wood material, the style and, of course, the size your fence needs to be. Of all the types of fencing, wood is usually one of the cheaper options.

Due to the natural properties of wood fencing, there are not usually warranties on the fence itself. When taken care of well, wood fencing can last a very long time and look great doing it, however wood is known to break down either by pests or rot over time and does not usually include a warranty. Alternatively, our company does offer a 10 year labor warranty on all of our wood fencing installations to give you peace of mind that your fence was built properly and securely.

At The Fence Company Columbia, we do ask our customers to be present the morning that we start your fencing job, just in case there are additional instructions you or we need to discuss before breaking ground. After that, you're free to go about your day and stay or go as you please.

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