When you’re choosing a fence for your property in Columbia, SC, the first step is to determine what kind of material works best for your needs. In this article, our focus is on exploring the different styles and advantages of wood fencing specifically tailored to your South Carolina property. Here, The Fence Company Columbia shares some professional tips to guide you toward the ideal choice for your upcoming fence.

Are Wood Fences Suitable for Columbia, South Carolina? 

If you’re considering setting up wood fences for your place, you’re in for a treat! Wood fences fit right in with Columbia, South Carolina. They’re not just environmentally friendly but also give your property a natural-looking defined boundary that suits any property. Known for their strong build and authentic charm, wood fences are an excellent choice to enhance your property.


Wood fences are one of the most customizable fence options available! At our top-rated Columbia, SC fence company, we offer a variety of wood fence styles from full-privacy to semi-privacy, as well as other decor options. Plus, you can paint or stain the fence to match your home. These fences are not only customizable but also budget-friendly, making them a popular pick for property owners.

Are Wood Fences Strong?

Absolutely! Wood fences stay strong and reliable when they meet these standards:

Fence Posts Must Be Properly Installed

High-quality fence posts provide structure and add strength to your wood fence. At The Fence Company Columbia, our posts are expertly installed to maximize the life of your wood fence in Columbia, SC. 

Utilize High-Quality Wood Rails and Pickets

Discount stores and cheaper fence companies might use low-quality wood for rails and pickets to give you a lower price. But in the end, you might spend more fixing or replacing them often. We believe in using top-notch materials, ensuring your fence stays strong and keeps your family safe for many years.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Wood fences, crafted from natural materials, can be affected by weather and may rot, warp, or crack as time goes by. Regular maintenance and yearly inspections are important to make your fence last longer. Check your wood fence at least once a year for any signs of damage to keep it in good condition.


Still wondering about wood fence strength? With The Fence Company Columbia, you can count on skilled installation, ensuring your fence stands strong for years to come!

Most Popular Styles of Wood Fences in Columbia, South Carolina

Wood fences have many different styles you can choose from, including top finishes, paint, or stains. They come in different heights, and we have both full-privacy and semi-privacy options. Here are the fence styles our customers in South Carolina prefer:


Photo of wood picket fence in Columbia, SC

Wood Picket Fences

Picket fences are a classic choice for homes. They make a stunning border for yards, gardens, and even around pools. To make the classic wood fence more modern, talk to our fence experts about adding special finishes to the wood pickets.

Photo of a post and rail wood fence in Columbia, SC

Post and Rail Wood Fences

Post and rail fences are an affordable solution that has been used for decades to enclose large areas or properties. Although they are traditionally used for livestock or agriculture, they are also useful for clearly marking property lines.

Photo of a shadowbox wood fence in Columbia, SC

Shadowbox Wood Fences

Created by alternating pickets on either side of the fence rails, shadowbox wood fences are considered the best option for “good neighbor” fences. Shadowbox wood fences are particularly suited for shared property lines where both owners desire an attractive view of the fence and are seeking a semi-privacy solution.

Photo of a horizontal wood privacy fence in Columbia, SC

Horizontal Wood Fences

New and sleek, horizontal wood fences are a modern version of the classic wood fence. They use horizontal wood posts close together for full privacy, giving a fresh look. It’s a great choice for homeowners in Columbia, South Carolina who want a unique wood fence style.

Photo of a stockade wood privacy fence in Columbia, SC

Stockade Wood Fences

The stockade wood fence, also called the traditional full-privacy wood fence, is a very common fence type. These fences are made by placing wood pickets close together on one side of the fence rails to make a solid barrier without any gaps. Stockade fences are appreciated for their natural appearance and full privacy.

Photo of a board on board wood privacy fence in Columbia, SC

Board-On-Board Wood Fences

If you want a full-privacy fence that looks more interesting, consider a board-on-board style. This type of wood fence is made by overlapping wood pickets along one side of the fence rail. It creates a beautiful full-privacy fence without gaps, even after many years around your home.

Discover More About Wood Fences in Columbia, South Carolina 

The Fence Company Columbia offers high-quality wood fences to Columbia, South Carolina, and nearby areas. For details on our fence styles and construction and answers to common questions, check out our webpage dedicated to wood fences.

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