Providing a space for your dog to run and play is an important aspect of pet ownership because an active dog is a happy dog! Any dog owner’s top priority is to ensure that their furry friend is safe and contained while doing so. But you might be wondering which type of fence is best suited to my pet’s needs. The Fence Company Columbia, an expert Columbia, SC, fence company, can help you make the best decision! Below are some of the most popular residential fence options!

Choosing the Proper Fence for Your Pet

There are many fence options that will ensure your dog’s safety and security in your backyard. When selecting the ideal kind of fence for your dog, it is important to consider their temperament and personality. 


A high fence may make it difficult for them to jump over it if they are skilled escape artists. A more private fence that obstructs views will help reduce outside distractions if they tend to bark a lot. If your dog has a tendency to jump, paw, or scratch, a sturdy, low-maintenance fence that can tolerate damage from them might be the best option for you. See which residential fence option—installed by a reputable Columbia, SC fence company—is the best fit for you and your dog by reading on!

Vinyl Fencing for Dog Owners

With its exceptional durability that lasts for decades without requiring major maintenance or repair, vinyl fencing is an excellent option for dog owners. Because vinyl fences are flexible, they can support a greater weight and amount of pressure—this is particularly useful if your dog is large and likes to jump up or lean against the fence. 


Vinyl fencing is also a good choice because it is easy to clean—just use soap and water to get rid of paw prints left by friends with fur that like to jump or scratch—and because it can even deter excessive barking because your dog cannot see what is on the other side. Additionally, vinyl is incredibly adaptable, so you can easily customize it to fit your style or change the width and height to accommodate a pet that might have a tendency to jump or climb. To learn more about the vinyl fence options we offer, visit our vinyl fence page.

Aluminum Fencing is a Fantastic Option for Dog Safety

When installed by a skilled Columbia, South Carolina, fencing contractor, aluminum is one of the safest and toughest fencing materials available. It is a great option for dog owners due to its low maintenance requirements, durability, and safety. Its numerous open styles allow you to create a sophisticated, elegant look in your backyard without obstructing your view. 


Aluminum fencing’s strength and dependability make it an excellent choice for keeping your dog safe and secure in your backyard, and it is completely resistant to damage from your dog’s nails and teeth. While your dog will be safe and contained within your aluminum fence, it may not be the best option for you if your dog is easily excited or barks frequently. Visit our website’s aluminum fencing page to see all of the available options for your residential fence.

Wood Fencing Offers Protection

Wood offers both the natural beauty of traditional fencing and a strong barrier to keep your dog safe and secure. Wood fencing can be customized in a variety of colors and styles to meet your preferences and needs, including privacy designs and open patterns. 


In addition to serving as a kind of sound barrier, privacy wood fencing is a great way to help reduce excessive barking from your hyperactive dog since it will keep him from seeing people and objects outside of your fenced-in yard. Furthermore, if your dog enjoys jumping or chasing things, a wood fence can be built at various heights to help keep your pet contained. Wood, on the other hand, is more susceptible to damage caused by a dog’s scratching, jumping, and chewing and will require more frequent repair or replacement over time. Our website’s wood fencing page contains more information about which styles may be best for you and your dog.

Chain Link Fencing is a Safe and Affordable Option

As a comprehensive Columbia, SC, fence company, we also provide chain link fencing, which is a popular option among dog owners. Compared to the other types we have covered, it is a lot less expensive and requires less upkeep. There are several customization options available, including color, height, and galvanized or PVC and polymer-coated finishes, which increase durability and rust resistance. 


Chain link fencing will keep your dog safe, but it will also give them a clear view of the surrounding area, which may encourage barking. Slat inserts are an additional option, and though they come at a higher cost, they will increase privacy. Please visit our website’s page on chain link fencing for more details on the many options available.

The Safest Residential Fence Option 

When choosing the best fence for your dog, wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fencing are all dependable options in terms of safety because they will all keep your pet contained and safe in your yard. The most important aspects to consider when choosing fencing are your budget, maintenance requirements, durability, and your pet’s specific needs.

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